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China's domestic market demand drives the development of foundry mold industry

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2022-08-19 16:28

According to the data, before the 1990s, China's mold manufacturing was mainly based on universal equipment, and computer software technology was rarely used in mold design. After entering the 1990s, the huge domestic market demand, especially the rapid development of the automobile and motorcycle industry, has greatly promoted the development of China's mold industry.


At the same time, with the intervention of joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises, the introduction of foreign advanced mold equipment and manufacturing technology, China's foundry mold technology has been greatly improved by the world's advanced level, including the design of foundry mold factory of FAW Foundry Co., Ltd. The die casting mold for a 3400t die casting machine, with a total weight of 33.5t, is the largest mold manufacturer in the domestic die casting mold.


At present, computer software technology, such as CAD/CAM integration technology, has been widely used in the foundry mold industry. The software used in 2D design is mainly AutoCAD. The software used in 3D mold design is more, mainly Pro/E, UG, Cimatron. Wait.

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