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What to pay attention to when processing injection molding type molds

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2022-08-19 16:21

Injection molds are one of the most widely used molds in the cosmetic industry or in the processing of daily necessities. In the process of mold processing, the entire production process and related details should be done, otherwise it may lead to the accuracy of the mold is affected.

1, the surface of the injection mold must be smooth

During the production of injection molds, if the surface of the mold is not smooth enough, it will affect the surface finish of the subsequent products, but also easy to increase the possibility of mutual adhesion between the finished plastic products and the mold, ultimately leading to a significant reduction in the finished product qualification rate. Therefore, in the process of mold processing, it is important to make the details of the parts more detailed, for the subsequent production of related products to lay a good foundation.


2, do a good job in the design and development of the relevant mold
The appearance of injection molding products can be changed in many styles, in the process of producing different types of injection molding products, the requirements for the type of mold and the relevant standards will be relatively large differences. Therefore, before the mold processing, it is necessary to do a good job of communication with the customer on the details of the relevant requirements, and to clarify the specific standards of the mold before the subsequent production and processing, so that the resulting mold can better meet the subsequent production of relevant injection molding products.

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