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What to pay attention to when inspecting the plastic moulds made by manufacturers

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2022-08-04 18:12

When you are looking for a specialized mold manufacturer to customize plastic molds, you need to communicate with the manufacturer to confirm the details of the custom molds you need before making them, and you should also pay attention to the acceptance work after the whole mold processing is completed. Only the plastic mold made and the mold you want to make more fit, in order to provide more help for the subsequent actual production.

In the acceptance of the plastic model has been done, the following aspects of the details of the problem must be accepted in place

1, clear plastic mold processing thickness is in line with the standard. In the process of production of related products with the help of the mold, because often have to do the reverse mold, demold and other processes, the whole process will have mold loss situation. If the thickness of the processed mold is not up to standard, it is easy to appear in the use of the mold premature damage, short service life of the situation.

2, observe the quality of the finished plastic products made with plastic molds is in line with the standard. With the help of a good high-quality mold produced products, in fact, and the standard error of the products produced can be controlled in the range of a few millimeters, and poor quality mold made out of the finished product and the standard finished error will be significantly larger, or even seriously do not meet the requirements.

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